Worms and "educational/viewing/desktop" wormeries.

If your worm purchase is to be used in the type of wormery that is sold as "educational or desktop" then please call us to discuss your purchase beforehand.

Lumbricus terrestris

These are our big garden earthworm, often called Lobworms. A care sheet is included with every order but facilities to keep cool, 5 - 10degC will be needed.

Garden earthworms

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Pack of 10 7.75


Eisenia foetida and andrei

These worms are commonly found in compost bins, they really are the organic recyclers of the soil world! also known as Tiger or Brandlings.
These are the correct species, often confused with other species, particularly Eisenia hortensis, frequently sold as "Tiger" worms due to similarities in markings.

Tiger or Brandling worms

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Pack of 50 11.50


Eisenia hortensis

These worms are also known as Dendrobaena, often sold as "Tiger" worms due to similarities in the stripey markings.


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Pack of 10 7.50


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